Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Improv comes to late night television

Tonight marks the return of broadcast late night television. Both Jay Leno and David Letterman will begin broadcasting new episodes this evening, though with drastically different situations. David Letterman brokered a separate agreement with the writers guild, and so his writers are now officially off-strike. This will enable A-list stars to appear on his show, without having to cross picket lines. Tonight's guest, Robin Williams, will certainly be as exciting and hilarious as he always is.

That said, Leno is in a far more interesting situation. He is returning to the air without his trusty team of writers. Furthermore, since Leno himself is technically a member of the striking union, he can't even write for himself without scabbing. This will certainly make for an exciting show, as Leno effectively will have to improvise his monologue. In addition, while he may not be as funny as Robin Williams, Leno's guest, former AK Governor Mike Huckabee should make for a fascinating show, especially on the eve of the Iowa caucus that Huckabee may win.

UPDATE: It appears that Hillary Clinton may be a surprise guest on Letterman's show tonight.

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