Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wonderful locavore restaurant in Stockholm

There's an amazing locavore restaurant in Stockholm called Mistral that is highly worth a visit. They're also happy to adjust the listed menu for vegetarians and other special dietary requirements.

The 5 course tasting meal turned into an 8 course plus crusty fresh whole wheat bread and creamy butter extravaganza. Almost everything is from a local farm, and since not much grows in Sweden these days most of their ingredients have been preserved since the summer.

We had:

bonus starter: raw and cook beets with yogurt and chocolate dust

first course: hollowed onions with potato creme and pickled chanterelles

second course: 25 different raw marinated baked or vegetables, creamy egg yolk and yogurt

third course: cabbage pickled in its own juices and cabbage picked in whey and then caramelized, with rhubarb marmalade and lingonberry dust

fourth course: caramelized celery root with pickled garlic, pear slices, and coffee bean

bonus pre-dessert: apple cream with zucchini topping

fifth course: tomato with chocolate with rhubarb marmalade, creme angles and vanilla tomato paste

bonus post-dessert: chocolate mousse with dried chocolate mousse, with lovage herb infusion
and herbal blend tea to cap it off.