Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kyoto: Day 2

UDPATE: Now that I'm not desperately trying to finish this post in Kansai airport (near Osaka/Kyoto) before my flight boards, I've added a bit more text.

No idea who these people were, but those kimonos are lovely. I did see what I think was an American bachelorette party walking around in kimonos.

Sanjusangen-do. (The following two are pictures of pictures, since I wasn't allowed to take my own photos inside.) The statues are cypress coated in gold. Amazing. A must see.

There were 1000 of the following statures (where are each 6 feet tall). Imagine a high school or college choir of 100 on risers, and then multiply by 10.

Gion. I did not, unfortunately, see any Geisha (who, by the way, are not traditionally prostitutes).

Yasaka Jinja - one of the few temples open at night.

Ginkaku-ji - the pavilion is under construction, and it took probably an hour on a bus to get there from Kyoto Station. Not really worth it.

Heian Jingu


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