Thursday, September 3, 2009

Client Cafeterias

Anyone who has worked on a project with me has learned that I am not a huge fan of client cafeterias. At best (in Boston or New York), they have a moderate selection of adequate food. At worst (Kingsport, TN or Pittsburgh), they have bland, overcooked food, speckled with pork, and dodgy fish.

Here in Japan, the client cafeteria reeks of fish that is past it's prime. While they are good about noting whether a dish contains beef/chicken/pork/squid (with English and pictures), that happens to be most dishes.

So, today, I decided to venture outside of the client for lunch. I happened to find a spectacular South Asian place, where I had a wonderful naan and vegetable curry. There is something about Indian food that is hot, spicy, and tasty, which I rarely find in Japanese food of the same price point that I can eat. So, it was wonderful to have my first satisfying workday lunch of the trip.

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