Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The American Embassy: Shabbos Abroad

I went to the American Embassy this morning to have extra pages added to my passport (since after six and a half years of travel, and one really big Chinese visa, I seem to have nearly run out of blank pages).

The Embassy will do this for free, and when I dropped it off this morning said that I could come back tomorrow at 2 and pick it up. That's not bad.

Two things I learned though:

1) Make an appointment on their website before you go. Free, very easy, and puts you at the front of the line
2) Bring a newspaper or novel or work or some other hard copy of something to read. Because the Embassy makes you check every electronic device in your possession before you go in, and you can't get them back until your way out. It's like Shabbos inside there.

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