Sunday, September 6, 2009


Headed to Kamakura today (an hour so away from Tokyo by train).

Here are some picture highlights.

Engaku Temple, in Kita (North) Kamakure. Amazing complex of 18 buildings.

More of Engaku Temple

The very refreshing iced green tea I had at the cafe at the top of Engaku Temple, overlooking the valley and surrounding mountains.

Some flowers at Tokei Temple. Tokei temple was an amazing place where for hundreds of years women who wanted to divorce their husbands could flee for asylum. After a few years, they would be officially declared divorced.

Part of the cemetary in Tokei Temple.

The crowded downtown shopping area in Kamakura.

Yes, a rickshaw. The drivers (mules?) wore a fancy two-toed sock/shoe kind of thing (that looks like a camel's foot). Maybe it's better for traction.

Hokodu Temple. Enourmous, with lily ponds and wooden bridges. Services (?) were going on when I was there, with a kimono-clad woman striking an enourmous bell, and meditation chants in the background.

The Great Buddha in nearby Hase. It's 37 feet tall, and made out of interlocking bronze pieces. You can even go inside of it (it's hollow)!

Finally, the view from the top of Hase-dera Temple.

Some of these were taken with my 8 mega pixel digital camera, while others were with my Blackberry, after my camera battery died. (All have been reduced to the same resolution.) See if you can tell which is which.

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