Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trains in Japan

Japan has an incredible train system, from the fastest Shinkansen, all the way down to the regular subway.

Indeed, Japan has so many train lines that is often very difficult to figure out which one to take:

Also, the board on a platform tells you where to line up for a specific line. (In the picture below, the circle in the second row, 5 characters from the left, shows that you should line up at the "circles" for that train.)

Which correspond to the follow circles on the ground:

And where everyone lines up in a nice, ordered fashion! This is a far cry from the blob on an Amtrak platform, where no one has any clue where the train's doors will be when it stops.

Finally, interiors of subways are much more advanced than in the US, with cushioned seats, and handles from the ceiling (thing the things next the monkey bars when you were in elementary school).

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