Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shanghai and Yom Kippur: Travel Craziness

Okay, here's the scenario. My firm is having a regional meeting in Shanghai the Friday before Yom Kippur (which begins on a Sunday night this year). My manager wants me back at the client Tuesday morning, which means that have to come back to Tokyo for Yom Kippur (since the earliest flight on Tuesday won't get me back until early afternoon).

So here are my options. Shabbat ends at 6:23 PM in Shanghai. The last direct flight from Shanghai to Tokyo leaves at 5:05 PM, so that's not an option. The first direct flight the next morning leaves at 9:05 AM and gets me to Tokyo at 12:55 PM local time. In a best case scenario, I could clear immigration and customs in 30 minutes, and then get to where I'm staying in the city in another 2 hours. Pre-fast at the JCC starts at 3:45, and Kol Nidrae at 5:00, so that is cutting it enourmously close. Any extra circling in the air and I'm stuck.

Here's the other option: There's a 9:20 PM flight from Shanghai to Seoul, and then an 8:20 AM flight to Tokyo which gets me in at 10:45 AM.

Am I totally crazy that I'm even considering this? Spending 8 hours in South Korea for a little bit of a buffer on erev Yom Kippur?


Becca said...

is there a flight after the fast ends after YK from shanghai to Japan? You'll be moderately dead on the plane, but won't be rushing before YK. -RJG

danielle said...

naaah, go to south Korea for 8 hours. sleeping is an excellent way to experience the essence of a country.

Dunash said...

Becca - nope - same problem as Saturday night / Sunday (latest direct flight leaves before dark, and earliest flight the next morning gets me to work in the afternoon)