Saturday, August 29, 2009

Japanese Jewish Weddings

Shavuah Tov everyone.

I learned something fascinating over Shabbat. Apparently, there is a growing trend in Japan to have theme weddings. I'm not talking about "Black tie option" vs. "Black tie encouraged". I'm talking about full blown Disney World themes (e.g. pirates, dinosaurs).

So, of course, there is a rabbi in Japan who has realized that this is a gold mine. Think about it: Japanese weddings that are Jewish themed! This is not about conversion or anything particular spiritual - simply a theme wedding, where the theme is us! (Kind of sounds like the premise of a Twilight Zone episode, where I'm the same, but everyone else is Japanese but dressed like Chabad.)

Now, of course, aside from how weird this is, marrying non-Jews is not such an acceptable thing for a rabbi to do. The question is how this will play in the greater international rabbinic community is still open. It'll be fascinating to see how it turns out.

In the meantime, just think, another way to make your wedding even more expensive: Pay someone extra to make it a "Jewish" themed wedding!

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Jennie said...

fascinating. I've got to find pictures of these events. Thanks for sharing!