Monday, March 10, 2008

Eliot Spit-her

Oh Governor Spitzer, what are you doing? Being caught soliciting a prostitute can have three effects, and you get the worst one:

1. If you're Jerry Springer: Everyone already knows you're sleazy, and so the damage has mostly already been done.

2. If you're Larry Craig: Everyone thought you were a clean, upstanding politician. You've hurt your image considerably.

3. If you're Bobby Kennedy: You've made your career fighting organized crime, taking down mafia bosses, white collar criminals, and prostitution rings.

Congratulation Eliot Spitzer: You get the Bobby Kennedy award, and have single handedly ruined your entire credibility and called into question whatever you were once admired for.

Spitzer may or may not resign, but, a la Jim McGreevy, may never recover from this.

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