Wednesday, March 5, 2008

3/4 Roundup

1) John McCain is the Republican nominee. Somehow, with almost no credit the entire Republican electorate, the Republican party has managed to nominate the most electable candidate. An interesting aside: when the West Wing writers were asked if they modeled moderate Republican candidate Arnie Vinick after McCain (since they modeled Matt Santos on Barack Obama), their response was "No, we just tried to create the most electable Republican.")

2) The Democratic race continues. PA Gov. Ed Rendell is the happiest man in the party right now, as his state will get almost 6 weeks of uninterrupted attention. Anyone home in Philly for Passover and up for campaign on the 3rd day (which happens to be the primary)?

3) Despite the worries that the continued Democratic race will tear the party apart and make the eventual nominee easy to beat in November, every other Democratic presidential primary save 2004 has gone on long beyond early March. has an excellent catalogue of Democratic primaries past.

4) Mike Huckabee is still the most dynamic, likable politician out there today, despite some of his political views. As he pointed out himself last night, it's incredible that he got this far in the presidential race with a full-time-staff under 40 people. Huckabee is only in his early 50s, so America should expect to see him around again.

5) The Fix's Chris Cillizza has an excellent run down of other winners and losers yesterday. Perhaps the most interesting loser: Howard Dean. Poor Dean not only didn't get to be his party's nominee, but now has to clean up the Michigan/Florida/Superdelegates mess in a way that will produce a nominee whom the party is happy with. Good luck Howard.

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