Wednesday, June 18, 2008

McCain: Not much maverick left

Matt Taibbi writes a scathing portrayal of how John McCain is running for president as the same disgusting Republican candidate that the Bush/Rove mentality has created, and that many Americans are buying it.


"Immediately after his speech in New Orleans, a pair of sweet-looking old ladies put down their McCain signs long enough to fill me in on why they're here. 'I tell you,' says one, 'if Michelle Obama really doesn't like it here in America, I'd be very pleased to raise the money to send her back to Africa.'"

"...I catch up with a man named Ron Saucier and a woman who would only identify herself as Mary. Ron says his problem with Obama is the integrity thing. 'He exaggerates too much,' Ron says. 'He's not honest.'....'OK,' I say. 'What does he exaggerate about?'...'Well, like that time he was saying he had a white mother and a white grandmother'...I ask him how this is an exaggeration....'Look, you either are or you aren't,' [Mary] says....'And he aren't,' Ron says, nodding with relief."

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